Our team

Our team consists of professionals who regularly attend training and courses. It increases their quality and guarantees (together with their experience) the best care of your dentition. Our doctors are led by MUDr. Petr Hach and have a lot of work experience. Together with experienced nurses, we are a professional team with friendly and helpful approach to patients. There are also dental technicians and dental hygienists here.

MUDr. Pert Hach


MUDr. Petr Hach (chief surgeon)
MDDr. Veronika Tlášková Hachová;
MUDr. Eva Šímová
MDDr. Martina Hachová


Jitka Švengrová
Jana Hachová
Jiřina Poláková
Eva Fediuková

Dental laboratory technicians

Zina Dušková
Jitka Mouricová

Dental hygienists

Lenka Justová DiS.
Bc. Markéta Krumpholcová

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